Your family is the most priceless posession that you have. If you have ever gone to an amusement park or to a mall or would just like to keep track of your young children at the park, let us help ease your mind. We can assign a personal tracking device to you, you can give it to your child and you will be able to use your tablet, smart phone, or computer to pull up your child or love one's location withing a few feet of their location.

Our devices are perfect for the elderly because we have an emergency button on each device that will send you a text if they need your assistance and press the button. Give us a call today!

Our Children are the most precious and valuable things in our life! We, as the owners of Track-Ya-Back, always put our family's safety a top priority in our daily lives and we feel that we can share that feeling of knowing your children are safe with you. If your children feel they are in danger, they can press the SOS button on the devices and the device will send you a text with their location so you can find them quickly. Hurry and call today to have piece of mind or fill our the form to the right and we will contact you soon to get started.